OxygenSystem Ambulance Services

The oxygen regulator consists of two manometers. One of them shows the amount of oxygen given to the patient in the form of liters/min. The manometer scale is displayed on the indicant in increments of five. The other manometer shows the pressure/fullness in the oxygen cylinder in the form of a bar. The manometer scale is in stages with a maximum of 100 and can be easily seen by the ambulance staff. The regulator, which can be easily attached to the ambulance and other oxygen cylinders, can be separated from the tube with the same comfort. For this, 32 “key is used. The outer material is nickel plated. Flow can be provided at the desired setting with the on-off valve. While one end of the regulator is connected to the tube, the other end has a mechanism that will be connected to the patient with oxygen hose and oxygen mask.

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