Sai Dharamtej Intelligent Movie Review and Rating

Sai Dharam tej Intelligent Movie released recently. Intelligent is an action and romantic film directed by V.V. vinayak and produced by c.kalyan. Intelligent is kind of heavy budget movie as many actors have been used in the movie. Almost all top commedians have worked for the movie. Rashi khanna and lavanya tripati played heroine role and SS thaman gave music.

Intelligent Movie review and rating

VV vinayak is famous for action and big commercial movies. Starting from Adhi to tagore many of his movie were hit.We can see lot of action scenes in his movies. In this movie also many action scenes he has used. Surprisingly he has used many actors in this movie but the problem is he couldn’t use all of them perfectly. He couldn’t able to run the screen play perfectly. He couldn’t able to place the songs. All songs are not situational. But sai dharam tej action is very good.

Main thing is Intelligent Movie story is week. if the screen play is better we could have give some marks to story, but it not happend. It’s all about how a software engineer protect his office from some underworld don and culprit politicans. But the techniques he used are very magical and it will not happen in real world. So overall rating for intelligent movie is 1.5/5



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