Miss World 2017 Second Runner-up Stephanie Hill

Miss World 2017 Second Runner-up Stephanie Hill

Stephanie Hill, from England have bagged the second runner-up in miss world 2017 competitions. India’s Manushi chhillar have won the  miss world 2017 and Mexico’s Andrea Meza was the second runner-up. Out of 118 contestants from diffrent countries have participated in miss world 2017 competition and 5 contestants have reached the final. Miss england Stephanie Hill is one among them. Stephanie, is 22 years old and stands 5.11 feet tall. She is currently studying BSc(Hons) Radiotherapy and Oncology, with the intent of studying a masters in Translational Oncology.

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What was the Questions Asked to  Second  Runner-up Stephanie Hill in Miss World 2017 Final Round

As we knew that Miss world comeptition not only tests beauty they also consider talent. So they asked very tough questions and contestants answered spantaniously. In final round jury called the first contestant for questioning and Stephanie Hill was that. They asked ” If you could speak infront of all the leaders of the world  what is the topic you would want to talk about ?” . Then Stephanie Hill Said ” If i have the previalge to talk infront of the world leaders i would like to address the Inconsistenansy in the Global health. I came from the country where health care is incredible but which is not the same world wide. If we have nice medication and Vaccination available one day then we willl be to  have consistant health care worldwide”.

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