Manushi Chhillar Caste

Manushi Chhillar CasteMiss india 2017 Winner Manushi chhilar is now the Miss World 2017 winner too. Now she is international sensation. Many indians are searching for the keyword Manushi Chhillar caste . Before we reveal Miss world 2017 title winner Manushi chillar caste , we see some interesting stuff about the competition.

We all knew that the miss world 2017 competitions held in china and the final winners announced on November 18. Total 118 contenstants have participated and 5 contestants have reached final. The Five Contestants are from India, Mexico, England, Kenya and France. Final 3 contenstants got award. Among them Andrea Meza from mexico was crowned first runner-up, Stephanie Hill from England was crowned Second runner-up and Manushi chillar was crowned the Miss World 2017 title. After 17 years India bagged the title. Before Manushi Priyanka chopra won the title in the year 2000.

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Miss World 2017 Manushi chhillar caste

Manushi Chhillar belongs to the caste callet “JAT”. JAT is a caste majority people live in Haryana, Punjab, delhi, rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and the Pakistani provinces of Punjaband Sindh. JAT people traditional agriculutural community in North India and Pakisthan. Jats migrated north into the Punjab region, Delhi, Rajputana, and the western Gangetic Plainin late medieval times. Means JAT people might be a HINDU, SIKH or MUSLIM. Manushi Cate  is JAT SIKH.Manushi borned in Delhi but her hometown is Haryana. She is 20 years old and studying medicine. She took one year leave to her studies and working hard for the miss world title.

We  already observed that if one person become famous people in India start searching for the keyword ” Caste”. Previously we observed the same for IAS Officer Tina Daby, Badminton Player PV. Sindhu and many more. Its time to change. Its  not about the caste, but its about the talent. Weather we are Hindi, Muslim, Chritian, Sikh, jain or any caste we are Indians. be proud for what she achieved. In global format, not only with her beauty but with her knowledge chasing many rounds , answering critical questions she bagged the title which not at all easy job.

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