Gayatri Movie Story

Mohanbabu new movie Gayatri released recently and running successfully in theatres. Mohan Babu, Vishnu Manchu and Shreya Played lead role in Gayatri movie. Madan Ramigani directed the film and Mohan babu produced the movie. Sarvesh Murari is the cinematographer for Gayatri movie and ss thaman gave music. As we know that Gayatri movie released on Feb 9th 2018.

Gayatri Movie Story Line

Gayatri Movie Story

Gayatri Movie is all about the emotions of Father and Daughter. Mohan babu (Shivaji) a Drama Artist who fell in love with Shreya (Gayatri ) . Even though they are not that much rich they used to spend happy life. In one song director have showed completly affection between husband and wife. Gayatri dies after conceiving a baby girl and exactly at that time Shivaji went to jail for 14 days and couldn’t see her wife . Once he came from jail he came to know that his wife is no more and daughter is taken by some Child care Organisation. He tries lot to find her but could not able to succeed.

By Luck he helped one college girl and the twist is she is his daugher. By the time both father and daughter wants to meet each, shivagi kidnaped by villain called Gayatri (Mohan babu Dual Role) who look similar to Shivaji. How Shivaki fights with him and met his daughter is a Story.

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