Apple Can Disable iphone Cameras at Events

Apple Can Disable iphone Cameras at Events

Apple has been granted a patent which could temporarily disable iPhone cameras at gigs.The technology giant first applied for the patent in 2011 and it was granted this week by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. According to news the technology has the potential to block an iPhone from recording video or taking a photograph via an infrared signal within a certain range – such as at a concert or in a cinema.

The patent paperwork reads: “An infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited, and the emitter can generate infrared signals with encoded data that includes commands to disable the recording functions of devices.”An electronic device can then receive the infrared signals, decode the data and temporarily disable the device’s recording function based on the command.”

how apple new patent works on iphones

Apple patents technology to block your phone camera

New Apple Patent for blocking iphones


New Apple patent could block iPhone recording at concerts

The patent, granted this week, is for technology that would use infrared signals to temporarily deactivate iPhone cameras at events where the recording may not be allowed by a given venue.Various artists, including Adele, have been outspoken about fans filming their shows, with many claiming that it spoils the experience for other fans.Apple patented technology that could allow them to disable iPhone users from taking still photographs and video recordings at concerts, theaters and other sensitive sites. I’ve liked Apple so far but I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with this. When concerts post a no photography rule people generally follow it and the few that don’t get in trouble with security so I don’t know why this is necessary. I can see where this could possibly do more harm than good, with the potential for authoritarian governments to use this to block out human right violations. What do you think, is it a good or a bad thing?

Readers Comments About New Apple Patent To Block iphones


Apple patent blocks your iPhone from recording video at gigs

Apple seriously does not seem to have the people’s interests in mind. This is not implemented but they have a right now to do so. It makes sense in a concert or theatre. But what happens when we need to record the news in these places as it happens today.
Plus if it can be done in any place it can be hacked in everyplace. All terrorist would need to do is reverse engineer the technology and put it in place in all the areas they want to do damage in. Then there will be no videos to help authorities to investigate and learn from.


Apple Patent Can Stop You From Filming Concerts

I’m not even torn on this. As much as I wish people would put their damn phones away at shows, the notion that Apple would disable functionality in my phone at the request of a private 3rd party is asinine. Why in the actual fuck would I be okay with ceding control of my owned device to a 3rd party? That’s not ok. The venue can prohibit me from filming, and even from bringing a phone in if they decide to set such a policy, but they should not be able to surreptitiously control my device – that’s out of bounds and horseshit.


Apple patents technology for deactivating iPhone cameras at live Shows

The patent would allow for the iPhone’s camera to be remotely disabled using infrared light. The excuse that Apple is trying to force down the throats of the people is that this technology will allow concert performers and movie theaters to disable the phone’s recording capability. Perhaps I’m paranoid but this restriction would benefit dirty cops the most. 2017 police budget will include infrared lights disguised as a alias to keep secrecy.


This new Apple patent could prevent you from filming and taking Pictures at live events

Anyone who has a smartphone is capable of whipping out a high-resolution camera and filming injustice in progress. That technology is how we’ve become exposed to police abuses nationwide and helped inspire a new wave of police reform activism.Technology makes that kind of accountability possible, but technology could also undo that progress.Apple was granted a patent Tuesday for a new system that would allow people and institutions that are equipped with a certain infrared light emitter to shut down photo and video recording on nearby iPhones.


What is Apple new Patent ?

It is said that smart phones track one’s every move. I accept this, as it has been proven many a time. It is why I do not own a smart phone and never will. Now you know it.
Apple, in a move proposed back in 2011, has now won the patent and the right to use and activate software in connection and conjunction with what I suspect to be secretly inbuilt technology in these phones, to block people filming or taking photographs at concerts. Yes! You can bet they will use this technology to prevent people from filming demos and other ‘sensitive’ events which the powers that be do not want to be filmed or pictured. This is draconian and makes me wonder what else is in these smart phones ‘awaiting activation!’


How Apple New patent Work on iphones

Is this even legal? Letting a 3rd party control my cell phone? Like, I get it if a venue doesn’t allow recording, or doesn’t allow phones into the stage area, but I don’t think it’s right that Adele or who the fuck ever gets to decide that my phone is going to be under someone elses control. Thats just alittle fucked up in my opinion.

Though not being an avid fan of concerts, I have seen enough clips of concerts with everyone at the front holding up their iPhones to understand that stopping this would be a good thing.I hope that everyone will shun any phone that uses similar technology because it takes away our freedom and gives it to someone else (who knows better). Our freedom has been butchered enough already. Eventually we will be treated no better than cattle.

If they really wanted to stop this, just get security to drag offenders out of the venue.


How to disable iphone and smart phones at live events

God have heard our answers… finally our weddings, birthdays, concert, special events cannot be recorded anyhow…So you hire me for your event, you will get the stuff from me and no more from a bunch of your friends showing up at the front queue and taking space and not letting professionals do their work. and sometime by the time you want to deliver the final product, its been already all over the net. NOW… I’m waiting for Samsung, androids, small consumers cameras and all other tools that annoys us. Well I just hope this article is real if not. I have an idea already on how to work on this technic.I can’t even come up with something snarky for this. I’ve been saying this all along, but now that we’re slipping down into the really dark parts of the slope–how is anyone still okay with Apple’s insistence that your phone is not yours to command?


Apple’s New Patent is Good or Bad for the people

We don’t know what Apple wants. For all we know this is a way to kill this from happening for 17 or so more years. It is a Patent application not a product.
Cali just passed Senate Bill (SB) 962 that would require manufacturers to add a “kill switch” to cell phones that would let authorities turn the device off remotely. So this is not about
Law enforcement. Anyway they will just shoot you and take the damn phone unless someone is watching.
I really have mixed feelings about this. On one side you buy the ticket, and that ticket is a contract. If you take pics
at one of these you do not own them, and technically you are the law breaker if you ever do anything with them. You hold your hands in the air and
ruin the show for the people around you, and I do kinda think you are an asshole for wasting my money.
On the other hand I feel the incredible calling that peeps can do what they want without causing physical harm to anyone.
I think though that I must say the right to contract wins in my head on this one. And because at Ultra 2015 after paying 400 bucks for tickets
the only thing you could see during the show close was 35,000 LCDs and the fireworks.






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